Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Quick Update and apologies

I would like to apologize for being away from the blogging world for the last little while. I had to learn to deal with a few things that was going on in my personal life and also concentrate more on my healing from my accident in Janurary. I am happy to say I am no longer wearing my back brace, and Im happy to say that I can walk up my flight of stairs now to my own bedroom and I really cant tell you how great that feels!! I also bought a 2009 Chevy Avalanche but have not been cleared from the Doctor yet to drive so that sux, however I do drive it around the farm haha. I hope soon I can be zipping up and down the roads once again. I have also started back working fulltime at the office at the farm and that too feels sooo very good.

The sad situation is...my Mother had a stroke. That scared me. I had to stop and think how much my mother actually meant to me, and how scared I was if I lost her. I think after all the years of somewhat abuse, I was able to put all the bad aside, and try and forget and to be able to tell her I loved her. I did that on MOther's Day. After she had her stroke, I was so afraid of losing a strong woman who did nothing but put me down in the past, however she made me a strong person. She was and is my mother, and I couldnt imagine life with out her. I was hurt and angry and very well pissed off that this could happen to her. Today she is doing much better although she is still weak on her right side but taking some therapy. She will recover because she is so strong.

So, thats basically whats been going on in my life recently and now that things are calming down, I will be back blogging once again!!!!

Today I confess...I missed blogging


Sam on June 24, 2009 at 2:45 PM said...

Good to hear that you're back after what sounds like a much needed rest.

Take care :)

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